Saturday, January 17, 2009

ok this blog is driving me crazy!! Why does everything need to be so complex! Anyway, Happy New Year to all our readers! Now that the holidays are over things have been mellow. Cora turned 9 in Dec. , yes 9! I can hardly believe I am old enough to have a 9 yr. old. Time sure does fly by. My advice is to take lots of pictures and try to make great memories so you never forget each stage as they grow. Caitlyn will be 4 in May. Starting preschool in Sept. we are so excited. We are hoping for another little joy in our lives soon but we shall see. I am gettin older ya know. Cora was just finishing preschool when I we had Caitlyn and watch it will happen again. That would be weird. Anyhoot, I wanted to mention a few things that happened last year in our lives. Lets see, well the biggest things were that Sams brother, David and my aunt Bonnie both passed away. They both had cancer and left many behind. But we know they are smiling down upon and we will see them again. That was hard for us both. Also my dad, Rico retired and moved to Oaxaca, Mexico. Not sure if he'll stay, hes had alot of complaints living in a small town. On the brighter side of things we went to Portland for our 8th anniversary and had a blast. What a neat city, but I like it hear better. We also went to Spokane to visit my cousin who had her first child, born on the 4th of July. There is actually a movie called that with Tom Cruise, ok anyhow lets get back on track. He is such a cutie, we had so much fun driving there (I did ALL the driving) I loved it! It was a cool place but I still like it here better! Also my neice, Maria had a boy in Dec., Julius. Its so weird seeing my neice as a mom. I was lucky enough to be in the delivery room when he was born. It was a really amazing experience, so different from my own since I have c-sections. So next, Oh my goodness we had about 14 inches of snow. It never seemed to stop. That never happens, we are lucky to have it snow at all. It was so beautiful. Well I guess thats enough about last year. I hope this year 2009 rocks!! And I hope yours does too!

what fun we had when it snowed

This is my Caitlyn. She is such a blessing and a wonderful addition to our family. She always says the cutest and most surprising things!

Cora has just entered 3rd grade and is a very smart and mature kid. She came into Sam and my life at a young age for us but helped us along the way to grow up fast and become a real family. She is my first child and my first joy.

Me and my mini me admiring the sunset at Dash Point Park

So I have a wonderful little family which includes Sam, myself and our 2 beautiful girls, Cora-8 and Caitlyn-3. Life is pretty good! Sam works as a foreman for a roofing company in Seattle and keeps himself real busy with that and his calling at church, not to mention his family that needs him alot. So as you can see he's a busy guy. Me well I pretty much am a stay at home mom with cleaning homes on the side. I spend my days with my fun and talkative Caitlyn who keeps me busy. I also do the whole house wife bit. You know the cleaning and cooking and all the rest. Sam and I got married when I was 19 and he was 20. March 4th, 2000 and its been a crazy ride since then. It took us a few years to get things going good. In the beginning we clashed alot, him being from American Samoa all his life and being raised completly different from me with all that Samoan culture and tradition plus always a church member with a close family. And me from a wild teenager and from divorced parents who was used to doing what ever I wanted. I was born and reaised in West Seattle and had a bumpy road but when I was 18 I realized I wanted a real relationship with honesty, commitment and love and Sam gave it all to me and we worked things out and we both changed a little bit for our marriage and family and we finally got it right. So we moved to Federal Way in 03 and bought our first home! That was exciting! We are active and busy in our wonderful ward and have met many wonderful people along the way.

The King and I and our little princesses

Friday, September 5, 2008

This was a special day for us. Our first born was baptized this year in Jan. It was stressful to plan and prepare but it went perfectly and I hope she remembers it always.


hemant said...


You both are made for each other. Your children are very cute. God blesses you all.


dancingtide said...

Congratulations Cora! You look so grown up, pretty soon you'll come visit aunty and we'll go surfing! I love you. Aunty rox

Olson Clan said...

Yeah!!!! Your on a blog!! Hurray, hoorah. You did an awesome job and have picked up on some trich=ks I haven't even figured out how to do. I don't know how to add music or the pics on the side. Enlighten me on those and you will get my knowledge of how to add links in return :)

Todd and Alynn said...

So glad you have a blog! Now we can keep in touch! I love all the old pictures... and especially the one of you on the beach in the sunset! Keep up the good work!

Cori said...

You are the cutest, most loving family. Your blog is very slick and the photos are wonderful! Keep 'em comin!! Dave, Tobin and I cannot wait to see you all in October!! Love you all! Dave, Cori and Tobin

Donnie and Christina said...

Those are stunning pics of the kids and you guys on the top of the blog post! I am so glad you guys are up on the whole blog stuff now! It looks great!

Summer said...

Hi, Ricci!!!! I can't believe how big your girls are!!!! We miss living there and really miss that ward. Hope everything is going great for you!! I love that you have a blog!

Donnie and Christina said...

dang it, post something already! lol